We’ve All Been There | Summary and essay

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The story ¨We’ve All Been There¨ starts with a lady named Joan. Joan car is broken. A truck comes driving, and a man named Matt, stops behind Joan.

We meet a pregnant woman named Jess. Jess works to afford her rent, and for her baby. Matt offers to help with Joan’s car, and she thanks yes.

Jess is working and comes with a bill for a woman who has just left. Joan is offering Matt money for the work; he had just done.

He looks at her purse and says no thank you, ¨we've all been there¨. Jess then discovers under the bill, that the woman that had just left, had given Jess lot of money, for her and her baby.

The money the Matt declined, then went to Jess. Joan was the woman that had just left and wrote on a piece of paper ¨we have all been there¨. Later that day Jess comes home and lies down in bed next to her husband.

We discover that Matt who helped Joan’s car, is Jess’s husband. The pregnant woman tells ¨Guess what happened today¨ And he may also have something to tell. ;)

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