How low are you willing to sink to survive | Essay

The story “Dead like Me" by Adam-Troy Castro revolves around an unnamed person who tries to survive the invasion of the Dead.

The central theme is striving for survival by all means regardless of the approach or the costs that may be involved. The main character is portrayed as selfish and a coward, doing everything possible to avoid being killed by the zombies

and most of his survival tactics portray him as fainthearted and weak. For instance, when the zombies were killing his family, he did not try to help loved ones but watched from a distance.

Throughout the story, the main character is presented as a selfish man. Apart from the few instances when the writer shows that the main character tried his best to fight

the rest of the work depicts him doing everything possible to avoid being killed by the zombies, including watching his family get murdered.

The narrator begins the story by asking the main character how low he is willing to sink to survive, showing that the person is resorting to cowardly acts to live.

As the story unfolds, it is shown that he endures so many horrors, such as closeness to zombies, having to avoid the surviving humans, and persevering beatings without screaming or begging for mercy, because any act indicating his humanity could attract the dead.

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