Low visibility | Essay | 10 i karakter

Many women find it difficult to get out of a violent relationship and instead of leaving and breaking freethey usually stay and become smaller until they are unrecognizable.

Sometimes even blaming themselves for the situation they are stuck in.

In the novel “Low visibility” written by Margaret Murphy a married woman, Laura, is coping with the violenceand current unhealthy situation she is in trying to remember who she is whilst shrinking silence and fading into invisibility as her husband John grows bigger and louder.

Throughout the story the riot becomes greater and this riot on the street symbolizes the riot happening inside of her.

Her anger builds up until she slowly reveals herself starting by quietly saying “don’t” when her husband goes out to stop looters from stealing in the shop below until she finally takes control and makes decisions for herself.

She sees John laying on the street with blood bleeding from his head and fear in his eyes.

John calls for help but no one hears or sees him only her. She feels exhilarated that for the first time in years she is the one who is being seen and he is invisible.

She asks the man if he is afraid of being caught but he answers that he has always been invisible, according to himself, and she realizes that being invisible is not a curse but a gift.

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