‘Last bridge burned’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

What would you do if a bleeding, shoeless stranger appeared at your workplace after closing hours at midnight?

Some people would call the cops, and some would confront the stranger and tell them to go away. Carlyle did neither. Instead, he helped the woman knocking on his gas station door even though he was doubtful about her.

Carlyle drives back home where he ends up just staring at the “nail holes in the walls where pictures once hung” (s.4, l.154-155). Pictures on the wall are meant to bring happy memories back but Carlyle’s life isn’t descried very joyful or happy.

He describes his own father as exasperated and explains that when he started to act like his father, he “had lost three jobs and two wives” (s.1, l.8).

Carlyle also had an alcohol problem in his past since he tells the woman that he doesn’t sell alcohol anymore since it would cost him more to have it around. That means that he would drink all the liquor himself, instead of selling it.

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