Golden Gate Bridge | 12 i karakter

In the year of 1933, the construction on the Golden Gate Bridge starts.

Even though they completed the bridge ahead of schedule and around a million dollars under the budget it wasn’t cheap, it ended up costing more than $35 million at the time.

A missing engineer

An almost spotless safety record

The completion

The usage of the bridge

Strauss was the head of the project and was overseeing the construction of the bridge day-to-day, while also making some ground-breaking contributions.

An innovation of his saved many of the unprotected workers, he innovated the use of movable safety netting.

Out of the eleven men who were killed during the construction, ten of them were killed in mid-February in 1937.

The death of the ten workers was because of the net failed, the reason why it failed was that a scaffold had fallen and tore through the net.

In April of 2012 Jack Balestreri passed away, therefore all the workers who were involved in the original construction are now deceased.

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