Analytical Essay | Troll Bridge by Neil Gaiman

Loneliness and a waste of a life may come to mind when talking about Troll bridge by Neil Gaiman, but those are definitely not the only themes the author brings to life in the story. Some other plausible, more implicit themes may be depression and even the Stockholm syndrome in relation to abuse since childhood, which could be the reasoning behind the main character, Jack, being viewed as the true villain in the story. Since he isn’t actually following the usual obvious hero-like theorem, such as Harry Potter does in Harry Potter or every single Disney princess in every Disney movie.

No, as a matter of fact Jack cheats on his wife several times with various women and most definitely isn’t very fond of neither his child, since he doesn’t even bother to mention their name or gender, nor his parents, who are only vaguely brought up in the beginning of the story. The only person he truly cares about is himself, he even tries to sacrifice his friend and first love, Louise to the troll in order to save himself: “Don’t take me.

I don’t want to die. Take her. I bet she’s much tastier than me. And she’s two months older than I am. Why don’t you take her?”, but the troll refuses to take Louise, seeing as she’s an innocent and jack is a liar.

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