”Make good art”. This is one of Neil Gaimans messages in his commencement speech to the University of Arts graduating class of 2012 Philadelphia.

In front of the big crowd of graduates, he gives advice on how, when and why they could create art and improve their skills.

When life is great and you’re happy, make art. When life is tough and difficult, make art. Everything will work out somehow and everything will change, so do what you want to do now.

First of all Neil Gaiman gives an introduction where he mentions that he never imagined himself standing and giving advice to people graduating from an establishment of higher education.

Then he gives the audience five pieces of advice, that he would have loved knowing when he started out as a writer. He rounds the speech up by telling the audience the best advice he has ever gotten, which he unfortunately failed to follow himself.

The structure of the speech is simple and easy to follow, which is fit for speaking to a large group of people.

Neil Gaiman uses multiple strategies to engage his audience during the speech. He wants to keep it real and honest while he at the same time preserves the good and lighten mood.

The style of the language is mostly formal which is very appropriate given the setting and context as a university commencement speech.