The False Moon – Shirley Golden | Analytical Essay

The main character in “The False Moon” is also the first-person narrator. His name is Matt. Matt is a teenage boy living with his mother, who is almost never home. He describes himself as a lanky, skinny boy with large eyes and lashes, more suited for a girl, that no one is scared of (ll. 13-15).

School is not something he likes. The subjects in school are too difficult and he always skips school when he gets the chance. He is a loner and outsider, but he thinks that it is his classmates who are the losers “The kids in my class were losers” (l. 22). He often wonders the streets and walks between the streetlights (ll. 5-11).

The streetlights are the “false moon” and it’s like they guide him just like they guide the insects, but he doesn’t really get anywhere, he just likes to wander around alone (ll. 148-150). He is a loner and follows his own path.

His mother works shifts, so she is almost never home. When she comes home, Matt is usually asleep, and she wakes him up with her loud noises and snoring at night (ll. 2-4). In the short story his mother is described as a weak woman. She always falls for the wrong guys and is afraid to say what she wants to say.

Only when her boyfriend is around, she bothers to make herself look good (ll. 86-87). His mother also has drinking problems (ll. 45-47) and her boyfriend is violent, which results in the mother getting beat up (l. 105).

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