Off to the Moon | Apollo 11 | Engelsk opgave

The beach was full of people. I stood in the back of the crowd with my mom and dad.

The air was warm, and the sun was shining right on the Apollo 11 rocket.

I could see the white part of the surface reflect into the ocean. People were talking loudly and with a special energy. It was like they could feel, that a big step was about to be taken.

The air got a little foggy from the smoke, and we began to be able to smell it around us.

The rocket moved incredible fast. I had never seen a real rocket before, and absolutely not a flying one.

The crowd started to applaud and dance around, some of them even began tocry, I guess it came from happiness, but I don’t know.Others just looked into the sky, fascinated by the Apollo 11.

We stayed at the beach and watched the rocket disappear into nothing, it really looked surreal. People started leaving, and so did we after about half an hour.

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