La Puerta | Analytical essay

A lot of people in Mexico live in poorness in small villages where there are not enough resources, and the houses are made from thin walls and cardboards.

And it is no different in the short story La Puerta by Jose Antonio Burciaga. The author presents us with the story of the protagonist Sinesio. Sinesio is a married man with three children.

The setting takes place in a small poor village in Mexico. The author gives a description of the village, at the start of the story by using imagery

“the busy avenida into the ramshackle colonia where children played in the meandering pathways that would soon turn into a noisy arroyo of rushing water.

The rain drops striking the barrio’s tin, wooden and cardboard roofs would soon become a sheet of water from heaven.” This gives us a good vision of how the village looks like and tells us that it’s poor territory.

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