Joker | Analytical essay

My analytical essay will analyze Gotham City after Arthurs Fleck's appearance on the Murray talk show in Todd Phillips’ new thriller “Joker” from 2019.

“Joker” is about a man called Arthur Fleck, who’s diagnosed with a disease, where he can’t control his laugh in situations, he can’t handle.

Daily he lives with his mother who adopted him, in an old apartment in Gotham City. Arthur and his mom are both the poor people, and Arthur often sacrifices his dinner, to satiate his mother.

When Arthur returns from his work at night, they like to spend the evening in front of the television, where their favorite talk show is running, every night.

Just like the tv host, Arthur wants to be in the entertainment industry, but Arthurs's job as a comedian clown isn’t directly loved by the other citizen.

After a violent episode on the train, is a clown listed as missing, because he stateable shoot three younger men. Arthur is the missing clown since it was him there was the shooter because the three guys kept provoking and bothering him.

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