Joker | Analyse | Todd Phillips

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The movie is called Joker, it is a drama/thriller movie. It came out 3. October 2019, and is instructed by Todd Phillips.

In my analytical essay of the movie Joker I will analyse what kind of person Arthur Fleck is, and how he became the joker.

The movie takes place in New York, but in the movie, we are introduced to it as Gotham, it is around 1981 at the time, and we see that by the movies they show in the theatres and the fact that they don’t have smartphones or smart TVs.

The movie starts by showing us Arthur Fleck looking in the mirror and making himself smile. Shortly after we see him working as a clown, and some kids taking his sign and running from him.

He chases the kids around town and ends up getting beat up by the kids.

We later see Arthur changing his clothes at his work, and his co-worker comes up to him and talks to him about the assault.

Arthur gets handed a gun from his co-worker to protect himself. He gets called into his boss and gets yelled at for losing the sign.

He gets to his psychiatrist, where we get to hear about his mental illness. We hear about his laugh and see his journal where there is a joke about killing himself.

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