International Cooperation Comparison | Samfundsfag opgave

The United Nations is a fellowship meant to unite and establish connections across nations. The organization is committed to maintaining international peace and security by, for example, developing friendly relations among nations.

The Human Rights Council is an inter-governmental body within the UN. It is made up of 47 States, who are all responsible for the promotion and protection of human rights all across the world.

In enclosure 1, John Bolton who is the national security advisor for the US, questions the efficiency and effects of The Human Rights Council. He believes that the council aren’t solely invested in making human rights an agenda.

He also makes it clear that the US solely leaves the council due to this, and not because Trump has been criticized on his immigration policies by the higher commissioner. Bolton’s main argument for leaving the UN Human Rights Council is American sovereignty.

This enclosure can be compared to enclosure 2, which is a speech written and performed by the Chinese President Xi Jinping at the General Assembly in 2015. Enclosure 2 disagrees with enclosure 1, and believes that international partnerships like the UN are crucial to the welfare of all countries.

In the enclosure there is put emphasis on the fact that international partnerships in which the countries treat each other as equals are very much sought for by the Chinese government led by Xi Jinping.

This view is of course very different from John Bolton’s, who strongly thinks that America is a superior country, that is too independent and successful to be advised and controlled by organizations such as the UN.

“Each civilization represents the unique vision and the contribution of its people, and no civilization is superior to others”, this quote from enclosure 2 clearly proves that enclosure 1 and 2 have very different views on the subject of international cooperation.

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