In an Instant | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

Today people are worrying very much about almost everything. We want to have as much control of our life as possible

but there are some things we just cannot control, so why keep worrying about it? In the short story, “In an Instant”

by Sylvia C. Dodd, this topic is presented in a specific way, but what is Sylvia C. Dodd actually trying to tell the reader by this story?

The mood in a story helps build an atmosphere. The way that the weather is described at the beginning of the text and how Ben perceives it create a certain kind of atmosphere from the very beginning.

The narrator is using mood-words and -terms, to describe the weather, such as “unappreciative”3, “badly put together ice-cream sundae”4 and “the wind whisked around his head, causing him to shiver”5.

The narrator also says: “He thrust his hands deep into the pockets of his jacket and quickened his pace”, which also gives the reader a clear view and they can feel how Ben feels in the situation.

The mood is not described clearly in the rest of the text, because the narrator set it straight from the beginning, and therefore the reader will keep reading the text in this perspective.

In this story the narrator is a third person narrator, because it observes the action from the outside: “Making him jump with surprise, she suddenly slammed her phone into her open bag”6

in this example the narrator is watching the situation from the outside, and it describes the situation by what it sees.

The narrator is also referring to the characters as he or she, and it knows the thoughts of Ben’s, the main character, and conveys them to the reader without Ben telling them himself:

“In his mind, Ben thought about his day ahead”7. In this example the narrator describes what Ben is thinking.

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