I feel like a stranger where I live | Essay

How would you feel about being intimidated by other cultures in your own hometown? The amount of immigration to UK has been massive in the past years and that changes the cities so the natives can’t recognize their own native soil.

In that way will the mass immigration make reluctant racist of us all, as Jane Kelly says in her article “I feel like a stranger where I live” which was published in The Telegraph on the 29th of January 2013.

The article is a provocative personal piece about feeling like a stranger in one’s hometown because of mass immigration and how that leads to natives fleeing.

She writes the article to a british paper and therefor is the receiver wide, she has the platform there to shout about her opinion and people interested and affected by this too will probably read it

just like political interested probably will. She can start an open debate and give attention to the topic. The language is also neutral which makes the article easy to understand and that’s an advantage for her when she wants as many as possible to understand the message.

She is very personal in the article and it’s mainly based on her own experiences therefore she also uses 1. Persons and terms as “I feel” and “I suspect”, so we know that it’s her opinions throughout the whole text.

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