Stranger | Reese Norton | Engelsk Essay

Everyone experiences being judged either by different choices they have made and or simply by sex whether you are a man or woman. This shows the text stranger wrote by Reese Norton how a woman is discriminated based on sex and how a simple comment can end up bringing people self- esteem down. In the story, the main characters are highly educated and are determined to prove why she chose to live in the USA and find the American dream.

The short story “stranger” is by Reese Norton is narrated in the past tense by a third-person narrator.
The narrator is omniscient because the point of view is not limited to one character. The narrator has interior sight and possesses knowledge of all characters and sees everything that happens within the world of the story. The narrator is able to enter the minds of Dinara´s colleague's minds and therefore can the narrator explore their wishes, thoughts, and feelings as we see in this practical quote “ He was not sure how old Dinara was, but surely the young needed jobs more than someone his mother´s age” (p.1.L.12-13). This shows how Dinara´s colleague thinks of her and we can maybe assume that Dinara is in her late 40s or 50s.

The narrator is also able to enter Dinara´s mind
“in this country, she had a sense that even the pines and the sumac and the tall grass along the corridor of the highway were imbued with love” ( p. 2. L. 55-56). This shows how Dinara thinks of the country, and how much she adores the country even though many people might think of her as immigrate.

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