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The article focuses on the topic of multiculturalism in the United Kingdom, where the article tells us about the topic and how different the Brits' opinions are on multiculturalism in the United Kingdom.

The British have different opinions on whether multiculturalism is good for British society. Some Brits believe that immigrants with other cultures are helping to destroy the original British culture, as the immigrants are helping to change the original culture.

The article type, that has been used is Expository writing, as the primary purpose of the article is to inform and explain about the topic.

The sender primarily tries to hit the recipients, who are less happy with multiculturalism, as the sender talks about how a real society has different cultures.

The sender uses a language that is very distinguished, and in that way, also indicates that the recipient has experience within the subject, or for example that the recipient is highly educated or is within a high job industry.

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