How is it to live in a trailer | 10 i karakter

Living closely together takes a lot of patience and makes heavy demands on humans’ tolerance towards each other. If people are poor too, it may add to the stress and aggression that people feel.

In the story ‘First World Trailer Park Issues’, published in 2019, by the author Mike Sharlow, he tells a story with a focus on giving an insight of a citizen’s life from the bottom of the hierarchy.

It can be hard to show our good sides and never get annoyed, when every day is a struggle to get food on the table, in an area where everyone lives under the same conditions and, some people are just more provocative.

Mike tells how he trains a couple of times a week, and he intends to confront Floyd, with all his rubbish because somehow it always ends up in Mike´s driveway.

Mike knows that he´s not going to try to get in a fight with Floyd, because he´s twice as big, but he needs to talk to him and be confident in what he says.

They talk a little, and Mike can feel on the whole situation that he´s not the first to complain about how Floyd just throws around his trash. At one-point, Wired Bob comes out of the trailer, and at the same time a truck comes driving down the road.

The truck drives quietly past Wired Bob, and Toothless Karen comes out and gives some cash to Wired Bob who is highly likely to buy some drugs.

Mike tells a short story about a year ago, he had hit Wired Bob's car by accident, because he had to back out of his driveway. It sounded very bad, but it was not at all.

Mike then stood there at 6:30 am and didn’t know if he should just slip in, write a little note or go in and ask for Wired Bob. He chooses to go in and knock on the door, and Toothless Karen opened the door and she looked at him as if she couldn´t care less about that car.

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