I Don’t Dream of Genie | Chad Pelley | Analysis

English Short Story

The short story “I Don’t Dream of Genie” is written by Chad Pelley, who is the founding editor of The Overcast. Pelley has written for an assortment of Canadian media, and he is also an award-winning author. The short story is about a Jewish woman named Sherry, who works at the mall as Santa and how she went to Tennessee to attend a seminar on lucid dreaming.

In the story the first setting is the Avalon Mall in newfoundland, Canada. After that it’s Sherry’s home and then Knoxville, Tennessee. Knoxville plays a big part in the story, since that is Sherry’s goal, it’s to go to Tennessee and attend the seminar on lucid dreaming.

The most interesting part of the quote is how realistic it is. There is a lot of young people who think that way and have the same wishes as Sherry and the quotes are a great way of showing the language in the short story.

A possible reason for the choice of language is that the author might’ve wanted to reach a younger crowd - maybe millennials. Since the targeted audience is millennials or younger people, the author chose to use a lot of similes, instead of metaphors, since young people use and understand similes a lot more than metaphors:

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