‘Goldenhawk’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter


The short story ”Goldhawk” is written by Katherine Magyarody and was published in 2017. The short story is about sexism and the main character is Dinara Akhmatova.

She has emigrated three times before she chose to finally get settled and get a job as a computer programmer.

There has just been a budget cut in the company where she works and many employees have been fired. Some of her male co-workers complain that the company kept her just because she is a woman.


The short story ”Goldhawk” is written from an omniscient third-person point of view. A third-person narrator is often omniscient because it knows what is happening inside the head of all the characters.

The omniscient narrator makes it possible for the reader to know what Dinaras colleagues think and feel1. The reader gets to know what the colleagues think of Dinara.

The reader also gets a peak into Dinaras thoughts and actions.2 The narrator is subjective even though the story is told from a third-person perspective.

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