Glass Slipper | Analysis | 10 i karakter

Opgave 6C: Fiction
“Glass Slipper”
- Assignment 6 – Summary
- Assignment 6 – Analytical essay
- Assignment 6 – Discussion

Glass slipper is a short film directed and written by Eve Kromann. The short film follows an African American ballerina girl named Tamera.

Tamera goes to her locker after practice and finds a picture of her with a disgusting message written on it.

Katelina calls Tamera into the office and tells Tamera that Lexie will take her place if she continues to allow the bullying to affect her performance.

During a rehearsal she finds more pictures of her in her bag, and then Tamera can’t complete a ballet move. This leads Lexie, Tamera’s understudy to take over.


Most people have experienced bullying in one way or another it could be that you have been the victim of the bullying that is taking place or that you are witnessing a classmate being bullied.

No matter what, the bullies do not bully because they prefer it or because they when to, they do it out of jealousy or out of insecurity, and by bullying others they can hide from it.

The jealousy and insecurity come mostly from home or school life, if you have some siblings who have been put in front of the queue and your parents do not notice much that you are there, then jealousy and insecurity can occur quickly.

And the same applies to school life here, you may experience that your classmate is much more beautiful and has a much better style than yourself.

The short film begins in media res and the structure is chronological because the film follows the characters over a few days.

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