‘City of glass’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

Maskiner og metropoler
- Tværfaglig opgave i dansk og engelsk
Analysis of City of glass by Paul Auster (1985)
Analyse af Tom Kristensen: Nat i Berlin 1921 (1927)

Denne opgave omhandler en samlet analyse af en engelsk og dansk tekst, der afslutningsvis vil blive sammenlignet med hinanden i forhold til den litterære periode som teksterne stammer fra.

Det moderne gennembrud og den tilhørende industrialisering er hovedtiden, der vil præge opgavens udformning.


This paper is a thorough analysis of the text City of glass that´s written by Paul Auster in 1985. He’s a popular and successful American author whose work has been translated into forty languages.

He’s mostly known for his exceptional way to mirror search for identity and personal meaning through literature.

City of glass is a very abstract novel. We get to meet a man named Quinn who’s an author living in New York. Although Quinn is a well-known author, his work, however, is published under the pseudonym, William Wilson.

This had allowed him to stay anonymous to his readers and continue to publish without any fuss or obligation to take responsibility for the outcome of the critic he might have faced with his intricate stories.

Quinn is a person who have lost his family. He was married and had a three-year-old child. After some time as he tried to continue living his life and overcome the loss of his family, his phone continuously started to ring during night for several days until he picked it up.

On the other end was a total stranger, who happened to believe Quinn was someone named Paul Auster. Although Quinn tried to explain that he wasn’t Paul, he finally gave in and agreed to meet him.

Throughout the novel we encounter the headperson, Quinn. He´s a guy that gives great thought to life and reflects a lot on his person.

He´s patient and conscious of his mental health as he enjoys taking long aimless walks through New York to forget and escape the tragic reality he’s been forced to live.

In other words, he subconsciously knows how to self-medicate after he had lost his wife and three-year-old son. Despite this, he appears to have a strong and admirable personality.

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