‘Ginger Tea’ by Rue Baldry | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

”Jake stretches his back, which makes his chair swivel, setting off a wave of nausea. He plants his feet on the floor, looks up, away from the floating colours of his screen to a cratered, grey ceiling tile; he breathes in slowly.” – (ll. 5-7).

Already from the start of the novel the reader is getting told that a man named Jake has nausea which is making the reader think that this man probably is feeling some kind of ill.

If we take a look at the style of the text, one of the four main types of writing would be the narra-tive.

Ginger Tea is a text with narrative writing as the narration comes from Jake´s perspective and point of view.

In narrative writing, the author is trying to tell a story with characters and conflicts as in this story by Rue Baldry.

The narrator is – as mentioned – taking Jake´s perspective and trying to describe the conflict from his point of view.

If we take a look at lines 11 to 21 it is remarkable that he is thinking about the girl named Cary. He is having a discussion ¬with himself about whether to text her of not.

When Jake is thinking about Cary the style of writing is very descriptive and full of adjectives which we can see here: “The club, the beers, the girl with the long, smooth fingers and black nail polish. Cary.

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