‘Friday night lights’ | ANalytical essay | 10 i karakter

This essay will cover the positives and negatives of the American school system. And Important factors of the movie “Friday night lights” which shows an image of how important sports are in American high schools

and I will cover the role of football and the society. And which of the American beliefs and values appear in the movie and what they symbolize.

But we must look at it from the other perspective too. Even though there are some positives about sports in the American school system, those positives create some negative consequences.

Because of the focus on state sport success, there is a lack of focus on education itself. Sport shouldn’t be biggest and most attractive way to get out of poverty or to become successful

to get an good degree should be the primary target for every young student. Because you can always use an education

but sport adventures can end up crashing down because of an injury or if you give too much in and end up not being good enough. In those scenarios, it would be beneficial to have an education to rely on.

We see an example of that in the movie “Friday night lights” where Boobie Miles who is the best player on the football team in Odessa, Texas.

We see in the movie that he can’t read the letters he gets, and early in the movie in an interview he answers questions about school by ignoring the school part and tells the interviewers that straight A’s in football is what matters.

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