Fears and Phobias | Essay | Engelsk

I do not exactly have a phobia, but I do have some sort of fear; snakes (specifically rattle snakes).

The reason I have a fear for rattle snakes is because when I lived in North Carolina, in the fall when the leaves would fall on the ground and form big piles of leaves.

Personally, I do not think this fear is very compulsory due to the fact it did not bite me or anything. I got scared and my body went into shock, but I got away safely, and I got for the most part over it.

The fear itself does not exactly control me or have control over me but it is a permanent constant reminder for me when I go on walks in the woods,I need to maybe take a step away from the piles of leaves although that Denmark is not exactly the hot spot for rattlesnakes, I am still not 100% over my fear.

Therefore, I also think my fear is irrational since I did not come in direct contact with the snake.

This only happened to me once so therefore it did not affect me as much as it would have if it bit me or actually attacked.

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