Fears and Phobias | Essay | Engels

People who have a mental illness sees it as a big taboo. They are ashamed of having them, and it is easy to hide it from other people.

For many people who suffers of the illness it is crucial that no one else, finds out about their illness. In the short story “Gift to the Dark Gods” by Mark McCluskey we meet the main character Helen, who probably have Kleptomaniac, but she denies it.

It seems that, she has the perfect life. She is a part of the high class, having a wealthy husband and her two children, who had gone to two good colleges.

Daniel has no idea about her illness. When she is in the store, and the manager ask her, if he should call Daniel, she seems very nervous, and she doesn’t know, if she is getting in trouble, if Daniel found out about her illness“He’ll be very angry if I call him,” Helen says. “At me.

Or at you. I’m afraid he’s likely to make a big fuss about wrongful arrest.”.(p.1)She is afraid how Daniel will react to her illness, because she knows that, Daniel wants to look as a wealthy man, and a man who have control over his family.

In the end of the story Helen get discovered stealing from one of her Husband client’s wife Barbara “Is there a problem?” For just a moment, Helen hesitates; it would be so easy to say, yes. Yes, there is a problem.

As she has not been able to say to Martha Kim, or ever to her husband. But she shakes her head.

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