Essay – Precious

The film “Precious” talks the story about a teenage girl named Claireece Precious Jones. The film is based on Sapphire’s novel “Push”. The main character Precious is abused by both her father and her mother. But when she begins at the alternative school, she meets Ms. Rain, which is the person who changes her life.

The film shows how Precious becomes closer and closer to her dream and gets away from her family. The audience will get to know the consequences of the violence at home. Even though Precious doesn’t have the best childhood, she still works hard and gets an education which gives her opportunity to a better life.

The story takes place in Harlem, which is a city with one of the biggest percentages of poverty and crime in New York. And Harlem is also described negatively in the film. Fx when Jermaine introduces herself, she says that she comes to Harm for staying out of trouble (29:09). Rita thinks it’s ridiculous. It shows that Harlem is definitely not a good place to stay out of trouble.

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