One of the most renown elements of the American culture and spirit is the American Dream.

The American Dream is built on the belief, that anyone can attain success in a society where upward mobility is possible for everyone, if they just work hard enough for it.

The film “Precious” showcases this with the protagonist Preciouxs climbing upwards from the bottom of the social hierarchy. But her motivation doesn’t come from the dream of materialistic goods, that associates with the American Dream, but instead from a much purer and heartwarming goal.

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Precious is the main character of the film, as the story entirely revolves around Precious and a specific period in her life.

Precious is a pregnant 16-year-old teenager living with her abusive mother in a small, narrow apartment in the area Harlem in New York. Precious’ full name is Claireece Precious Jones, which is being told in a monologue by Precious in the beginning of the film at (01:16).

Precious’ appearance reveals, that she is African American and overweight. This overweight is a product of her abusive mother, who forces Precious to eat even though she doesn’t feel like it (40:15).

And the abuse of Precious seems to be a reoccurring theme in the film, not only by the hand of her mother, who besides forcing Precious to eat, also verbally and physically abuses Precious, but she has also experienced abuse by her father.