Essay – Precious

The movie Precious from the novel Push by Sapphire is the story of the 16 year-old Clareece Precious Jones from Harlem.

Precious, as she is called, grows up in an abusive home, and even gets pregnant with her father’s child twice. Precious has repeated a year at school several times and she has never learned to read and write.

One day she begins at a new, alternative school Each one Teach one, where she learns to read and write, becomes friends with other girls in her class, and with the help from the sweet and passionate teacher ms Rain, Precious begins to turn her life to the better.

Precious has always learned to be tough from her upgrowing. From the abuse at home, she tends to act violently when she gets frustrated.

By the building where Precious lives, there is a little girl who Precious meets several times (15:20). In the beginning (minutes) she pushes her away physically (1:04:00).

But minutes in, we see Precious at the social office, sitting next to the little girl who has gotten a black eye. Precious takes her scarf and gives it to the little girl (1:28:40). It really shows Precious’ evolution. She goes from acting violently to having the energy to help out others in need.

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