Essay on Ray the Rottweiler | Engelsk

“Ray the Rottweiler” is a short story written by Alice Jolly. The story is about a family who has moved from the city because they didn’t like to live there, and because their son Josh got some quite bad eczema, so it is better for him to live away from the city.

The nearest neighbor lives three fields away, people thinks he has buried his wife and keep away from him, still Tess decides to go visits him and throughout the story she builds a relationship with him.

Tess is a married woman who has just moved away from the city with her husband Adam and her son Josh. She does not seem to work and stays home a lot with her sick son Adam. She keeps him out of school because she is afraid that he would be bullied by the other kids because of his sickness.

Some points the text indicates that Tess is very lonely, her husband works at a gas pipeline, this means he is away a lot, so she is left alone with her son. This could be the reason she doesn’t want her son to go to school, “(…) And he’s not at school. School didn’t really work out” (page2, line54).

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