In this presentation I will talk about, e sport in general, the difference between girls and boys playing e sport, and how health, sleep, and movement are important.

I will discuss the pros and cons around e sport. And finally, I would come with my Opinion about esports is a real sport.

if you look at young people in my age, 13 to 19 Years - can you see a huge difference between girls or boys playing. studies show that 49% of boys play daily whereas only 5% of girls play daily. - this shows that esports is more for boys than it is for girls - but why?

I'd say if a girl played esport, it would be seen as a taboo and not cool. esports is based on things more for boys - it's gunfire, violence and maybe football too

these three things are also something you think are boy stuff - therefore, there are a lot of things, that shows that sport is not for girls.