English Babu by Vijay Medtia | Essay

Immigration is a big part of human culture, since the start of humanity people has always had the desire to immigrate and explore other people’s cultures, but never forgetting about their own culture and having the imagination to mix the different cultures together.

But what actually happens when two different cultures meet. This short story is about a main character named Ramesh who Is dealing with his Indian culture overlapping with English culture.

Ramesh is an Indian man with three kids he immigrated in 1965 and has now been living in England for over 40 years.

Upon his arrival he has been given a 3 different advices from his father “Work hard; stay for five years only; return to India or you’ll regret it.“ (P. 1, L. 9).

Ramesh chose to dismiss his fathers which have lead him a few cultural problems. His second son is going to marry a British and the family is scared of the humiliation it will bring them.

Ramesh was raised in a prosperous family and has never been prepared for these scenarios to happen, now he has to find a way to adjust and accept change.

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