My Career | Essay English

I dream about having an advanced position or being an entrepreneur. I will work as much as I need to.

Almost everyone has a dream of becoming rich one day, but when I grow up my goal is not to be excessively rich, but instead to find something I would like to do for the rest of my life. Later on, in the text you will read about in what ways I want to be successful.

My strengths consist of me being dedicated to my career, I am also very focused, and I always finish things before the deadline. My skills consist of me being able to balance my career with my friends and family in order to support my family, but also to live a healthy lifestyle and not always stressing over work.

My problem is that sometimes I might be too dedicated at work that when I come home from work again my children are already asleep. I want to teach my kids how to play badminton and sometimes I want to play against others but that would be a problem because of my career.

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