“WON – An organization like no other” | English Essay

Tens of thousands. That is the non-precise number of reported cases of witchcraft in Nigeria alone. One might ask why the answer is as unprecise as it is. However, the answer is simple. No one knows the exact number. Why? Because no one is counting. This is the sad reality behind the problem of witchcraft in Nigeria. Children of all ages are left on their own on the streets. They are taken to churches in the countryside of the predominantly Christian, Southern Nigeria, where they are subjected to subhuman torture in the name of exorcism, all conducted by corrupt pastors against payment by their parents or communities.

A lurking shadow deeply buried on the African continent is no longer a blast from the past. Young individuals getting their chance at life taken away due to outdated religious beliefs is a reality. It is a reality we need to not only realize, but defeat.

Witchcraft accusation is no longer only a problem in rural Nigeria. It is happening everywhere in Africa. Thousands of children have been and are still being beaten, burned, starved, or abandoned because they are believed to be witches. They are being ripped off their childhood and face a future full of danger, uncertainty, and lost hope. But this is where our organization, WON, plays an important role

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