How Trump won the election

1. List the arguments made why Donald Trump won the election!:
2. Which of the arguments do you find particularly interesting?
3. In light of Brexit and the surge of other anti-globalisation movements in Europe, is Trump’s victory a surprise then?
4. Why didn’t he win in 2020?

- Donald Trump lost the election in 2020 partly because he was a norm-busting political outsider who was prepared to say what had previously been unsayable.

- Trump did not win the 2020 election because his promise about "Make American great again" was not something he couldn't carry out as promised.

- We also believe that covid-19 has played a big role in the result of the election,

- because of the way he handled the situation. We think that people saw a different side of Trump, when he was to lose at the time where covid-19 was very intense, and many people died.

He believed that he is so powerful and that nothing can get in his way even when he got Corona he said that it was nothing and that it was an overreaction. Right now there are over 200.000 people who are dead because of corna in the US, 12 million people are infected and a lot of people have lost their jobs, but he says that it is an overreaction...

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