”English baby” by Vijay Medtia

The short story” English Babu” written by Vijay in 2009 focuses on Indian culture and British cul- ture. The main character Ramesh is a grown-up man, who lives in Manchester.

Ramesh is a hus- band, father of three children who look back at his past in India and how he gradually started to lose his sense of cultural values in his old country. He could no longer relate to the country that he had lived in. Ramesh had come from a wealthy family in the north of India where he graduated from commerce.

He later immigrated to England in 1965 in hopes of finding a job and then later on return to India five years later. This turned out to be false however and because of the several problems and rejections he had faced, forever staying in England was beginning to look inevitable for him.

As the years went by, he was slowly starting to make progress in England and managed to climb the ladder to a better job with a wage high enough for him to buy a house. This made him appreciate the British more and began to adapt to the British environment, he began to speak bet- ter English, which made him forget his past.

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