English Babu | Analytical Essay | Vijay Medtia | 12 i Karakter

Despite the fact that families are supposed to love each other no matter what and support everyone's decisions, there can often be complications and disagreements.

In the novel short story “English Babu” by Vijay Medtia you can safely say there are many complications and disagreements.

The conflict between the son Praskas and the rest of his family has come so far that the family no longer talks together.

The main theme culture clash is what's holding them against each other and curses the main conflict.

Prakash is the second son to Ramesh and has found an English girlfriend he wants to marry. If he does that he will defy the family value that says you have to marry an Indian girl.

“He wants to marry an English girl. Anita has been crying for days thinking about the humiliation this will cause here and back in India.

She blames herself for failing to bring him up ‘properly’” (p. 1, l. 1-3) This shows, it would be a mistake to marry someone outside their culture.

If he does that the mother has raised him wrong and it will cause so many troubles in India. Due the whole story Prakash has the same opinion about his marriages

he wants to be accepted for who he is and has become even tho he is truly aware of the different aspects there are on the situation. “...

I know you’re not keen on the idea, but one day you will all come around. I love Rebecca very much, and she loves me.’”

It shows Prakash knows about their cultural opinion, but he really loves her and don't think of this marriage as a problem. Hvorfor mon?

The most essential themes in this short story are cultural differences, culture clash and marriage across cultures.

When a family from another ethnic background moves to a big multicultural country you think they will fit in well.

But there are some issues you will face during their cultural journey. “The loneliness kills you for sure. It was the same for all of us migrating to a cold new world.” (p. 2, l 43)

This line shows that despite you have having settled down in a country and are having a functionary weekday, the loneliness of being different is still there.

And that loneliness has all immigrants . Furthermore, there is another problem in the family reunion .

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