“Dover Beach” is written by Matthew Arnold, a celebrated writer of the Victorian era. The poem shows a crisis of faith, with the speaker acknowledging the diminished status of Christianity, which the speaker sees as incapable of withstanding the rise of scientific research and discoveries.

“Dover beach” is written a little over 154 years ago, but how can we relate to the conflict between science and religion from a 2021 perspective?

The mass media have come to play a more prominent role in social and cultural life since the late nineteenth century. We live in an era where no one makes a visit to a doctor’s office without having googled the symptoms themselves first.

Similarly, when was the last time you bought new electronics without completely researching it online? The modern world is driven by facts and if you cannot verify something, most people will question you about it or simply not listen.

Studies made in America shows that people have become less religious in recent years, but, at the same time the share of people across a wide variety of religious identities say, that they often feel a deep sense of spiritual peace and well-being.

If we look at spirituality, it becomes a place where everything must not be fact driven and verified. As a non-religious person, myself, I somehow get why other people seek these communities were everything does not have to make sense just to believe in them.