Django | Analysis

Ever since the British colonized America, there have been a way of looking down on African American people.

Whether it is the straight up enslavement of them and treating them more like animals than humans, or it is simply just police officers in current day, racially profiling people to be criminals, it there and it is a problem.

But we all know to a certain degree the effects of racism in today’s world, but how about learning about the 1800s black America through the movie Django - Unchained.

This analytical essay wants to analyze and interpret the movie, Django – Unchained, with the main focus being on the characterization and overall theme of black America.

He tried to get rid of, or at least undermine him during his stay at the plantation and told Mr. Candie about his and Broomhilda’s relationship.

The fact that Stephen is the biggest opponent of the story, is also implied by the fact that when Django goes to shoot up the plantation, he leaves Stephen dying on the floor when it explodes instead of killing him immediately as he does with everyone else.

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