‘DHSS’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

Social classes play a major role in some countries, but also in society. There are various aspects influence people into these classes. This can include the social status and finances of individuals.

There are many motives for whether you end up in the lower class, middle class, or upper class. In the short story DHSS

we meet people from each social class, and the reader gets a feeling of the lower classes’ struggles, but also prejudice and thoughts they have about each other.

Both women form a kind of distrust of each other as they are both very controlling as they look after each other.

“She was going to the supermarket opposite the Underground station, but at the entrance stopped to glance back at the women who had given her the money” (l. 14, speak 1 of 9).

The actions are based on the thoughts of the upper class about the lower class. The protagonist is a 22 or 23 old young woman “She was probably not much more than twenty-two or twenty-three” (l. 17, speak 2 of 9) who has kids “I´ve got to feed my kids” (l. 8, speak 1 of 9).

The young women are poor because she has to beg on the streets, so she can feed her children and herself.

She is wearing jeans and a sweater “Her clothes were ordinary, that is to say, jeans and a sweater, but she had a drab appearance, not so much dirty as stale” (l. 15 – 16, speak 2 of 9). Her hands were nicotine-stained, so probably she is addicted to nicotine.

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