Death Penalty | Speech | 10 i karakter

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen, I´m a young student. Today I´m going to touch an ethical topic, with a great amount of different opinions around the world, from both citizens and governments. I hope this speech will give you something to think about.

It´s always a tough subject when it comprise death. The end of live on this earth. Nobody knows what comes after, and if anything comes after.

Maybe you believe in life after death, reincarnation or the end. Your religion, sight on life and believes is going to play a role in your opinion on death penalty.

Everyone in this room has their own opinion on this subject, and I think all citizens thoughts should matter in our society.

“An eye for an eye” – the Bible. A favor for a favor, an apple for money, a murder for a murder. (?) You murder someone, and then you are going to die.

You do something so illegal and wrong to humanity, now you must pay the same price. The price of your life. It shows respect to the victim and the family.

All the hate and sorrow that has been kept inside the poor family of the victim. Maybe the death of the criminal, murder, a monster will make the presence just slightly better for the victim’s family.

To know that the awful monster of a human being, who kill your loved one, is no longer alive. It´s all in the past now. It can be a way the family of the victim can move on. Get some piece, rest and the murder out of his head.

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