Death penalty | Essay | 10 i karakter

Our society has a moral responsibility to secure the safety of people. Murderers prevent safety. In the text “With death penalty, let punishment truly fit the crime” the author Robert Blecker believes that only by killing mudereres, the society can make sure that it will not happen again.

This is prevented with death penalty, but death penalty creates many discussions and put a big responsibility on other people. The society changes and so do ethics and morality.

And is it time to change legislation regarding death penalty, and the way it is executed, so it matches a mordern world?

And the risk of being convicted innocently and that you are dying for no reason would be terrible.

This is irresponsible, and must not happen, life is sacred and when you judge someone to death there must be no doubt. 71 % believe that there is a risk of judging innocent people4. If this happens it is a moral scandal.

Another moral contradiction, is shown in the text “Public support for the death penalty ticks up” quoting that 73% of the White evangelical Protestants are in favour of death penalty5

as a Christian you would normally say that life is sacred, but this apparently depends on the situation. This is also one the Ten Commandments, so in my opinion this is morally ambivalent.

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