Death and the Vampire | Analytical essay

In our modern society, we would usually describe a vampire as charming, charismatic, beautiful and sensual.

But if we take it a few hundred years back a vampire was one of the scariest, manipulative and erratic monsters to walk this earth. How can it be that we are so fascinated by such a horrible creature?

In the short story ¨Death and the vampire¨, we hear Angie McKaig’s opinion about why we are so fascinated by such a horrific creature.

She acknowledges that the vampire is a dangerous and manipulative animal which nobody can or want to take control over.

But also states that one of the reasons a vampire is so popular is because we all desire to let loose but can not because society does not allow it.

We all deep down want to live our life like a vampire, reckless, with no fear and no regrets. We humans are and have always been curious about what we don’t know like death or afterlife, that’s probably the two things we never get an answer to.

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