Could It Be Forever? | Engelsk

The short story “Could It Be Forever?” is about an eleven year old girl, called Nina Stibbe. She falls in love with a thirteen year old teenage boy, called David Cassidy, through letters.

He writes to her as if, he is a real person, with real feelings towards Nina Stibbe. One day something really unexpected happens.

Something that she never thought about, going through her mind. But it did happen, and she was devastated but at some point relieved. He is not real. It is all just a lie.

He, David Cassidy himself, or maybe they, took her actions and responses for granted. They are having fun but hurting an innocent kid, with hopes and dreams of maybe falling in love again.

The short story “Could It Be Forever?” is written in 2015, by Nina Stibbe, the narrator. The shorts story is seen from Nina Stibbe’s perspective, as a first person narrator, the protagonist. She is a limited narrator, because she does not know what the other characters are doing or thinking.

She is really young to be falling in love through letters, and really knowing what love means. But somehow, she manages to fall in love with David Cassidy, in such a young age.

The sister and Celia is a big part of that. These two girls have a really mean relationship towards the young Nina but they are enjoying it. They play with her felling and takes it for granted.

When they realize, that Nina is falling, and believing the letters they are writing. And somehow Celia’s cousin David Cassidy accidentally reminds her of the one and only, real David Bruce Cassidy. The actor, singer and guitarist.

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