Capital punishment | Speech | 10 i karakter

Okay - Today we are addressing the cultural aspects of the death penalty, and the United States is certainly a divided culture, made up of many different threads.

I think it’s difficult to define exactly what motivates the death penalty in our society, or why this punishment for crime is given a special meaning by many people.

Right now, many of the accused in other countries in Africa, that are sentenced to death, are hanged.

This method often does not kill the criminal immediately but lets them hang on the rope tied around their neck, until they die of strangulation, slowly and painfully. Thank god this does not happened I the U.S.

But in the states some criminals are receiving the lethal injection. This is when the criminal is tied to a chair, in the center of a room, while the news stations is waiting outside, to be told that the person who committed a crime is dead.

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