‘Caged Bird’ | Analytical essay | 10 i karakter

It doesn’t make sense how America is known as “The land of the free”, when it has one of the darkest histories with some of the most revolting slavery in the entire world.

Slavery was a part of the American history from the very beginning and have left a big mark in all the history books.

Slavery seriously thrived in the years around the revolution in 1765-1783, where the Americans sailed the African slaves to America.

The poem is build up in 6 stanzas with 4-8 lines in each. The first 2 stanzas contains 7 lines whereas the third and last stanzas, which is identical, contains 8 lines.

The fourth and fifth stanza each contains 4 lines. Repetition is shown in the third and last stanza, that entails the reader to focus more on the saying about the caged bird and its circumstances.

The type of rhymes used in the poem, is mainly end rhyme and alternate rhymes. The structure of the rhymes doesn’t follow a rhyming pattern.

There are some rhyming parts, which are used to catch the reader and make them remember the poem. The poem also uses anaphora rhymes. An example of an anaphora is: “his bars of rage

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