Billy Elliot | Analytical Essay

Billy Elliot – Analytical Essay, Fiction

Billy Elliot is a fictional novel written by Melvin Burgess. Melvin Burgess grew up in Great Britain, which in turn, also is where most of his stories take place. His novels are often acclaimed and controversial children's fiction. The novel takes up the discussion of gender roles, social classes, and politics.

Billy Elliot and his family are having a tough time. The recent passing of his mother, and the strikes of his father and the other coal miners, doesn’t help the financial situation, which the family finds themselves in.

Billy is supposed to take Boxing classes like his brother, father, and the rest of the men of the family before him. Billy is drawn to the Ballet classes, which he attends in secret. When his father finds out, Billy is forbidden to attend classes, he continues dancing privately with Mrs. Wilkinson as his teacher.

Later, Billy misses an audition due to his brother being arrested, and Mrs. Wilkinson tells Jackie about the missed opportunity. This aggravates Jackie, but when he catches Billy dancing, he’s shocked by his talent.

Jackie has a change of heart and saves enough money for Billy to go to the audition. This hurts the brother a lot, and he tries to stop his father from working. Jackie and Billy go to the audition in London, and Billy fears, that he has blown the only chance, which he has got.

Billy receives the letter from the Royal Ballet School saying, he has been accepted. At the end of the movie, Billy is performing Swan Lake and Jackie is seen with tears in his eyes.

Jackie Elliot shows his dissatisfaction concerning his situation, due to everything going on.

He must raise two motherless kids, whose future was decided, and his battle with his comrades and fellow workers against the government, ex. page 10 bottom.

This line of thought is probably, what sparked the Miners’ Strike in 1984. The Miners’ Strike was a successful attempt to stop the mining of uneconomical coal in Britain.

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