Better Homes and Gardens

The story “Better Homes and Gardens” is about a homeless family, and written by the author Catherine Moffat. As the author, Catherine acts as an advocate for the lower people in the society of Australia.

She set up questions about the system, and how it has positive or negative effects, on the social classes in Australia.

She deals with the attitude that there are too many people who are lost and not getting the help they need.

If we take a look on the setting it is assumed to be in Australia. In the story the father says, “If the cops ever come” “ we’re on our way to visit our grandparents in Queensland”. Queensland is a state in Australia therefore, our assumed is confirmed.

We could also take a look at the environment in the text. It is a poor social environment and certainly at the lower social class of the Australian society. You can also say there is a contrast between the layers of the society.

The kids are in the underclass and naivelt looking up to upper class society. It can be seen when they watch “Better Homes and Gardens” every friday.

The program is in contrast to the way they live and what they own. In the Program the children see beautiful gardens and houses as clearly amuse the kids.

If we take a look on the themes, the overriding theme in the text must be hope. The dad also keeps the hope in his kids, an example could be. "Every week the girl ask her Dad if she can have the animal Harry to visit her.

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