Better Homes and Gardens | Analyse

The short story” Better Homes and Gardens” by the authoress Catherine Moffat, revolves around a young and homeless boy who stays with his father and younger sister in the father’s car.

Throughout the story, the boy, whose name we are not informed of, tells us about what his day to day life looks like. It is not until we get further into the short story that we realize, that they are homeless.

He proceeds to explain that his younger sister, Gracie, has yet to understand the concept of being poor and homeless.

Another important character is the protagonist’s and Gracie’s father. We get no name, nor do we get an age. He seems like a caring father. He makes sure that every basic need for his children is fulfilled.

He gets them cleaned at shower on the beach, as well as he entertains them there. He makes sure they get their homework done. He makes sure that they are fed and full, and even lets them have a say in what their dinner should be.

Then after diner he makes sure they brushed teeth and that they go to sleep at a reasonable time. He is like any other responsible parent. He is also a considerable human being, this we find an example of, when he tells his son not to pee in people’s front yards.

We are also told that he was put off work due to back problems that were most likely created by him sleeping sitting up in the car.

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