Better Homes and Gardens | Analytical Essay | Catherine Moffat

Millions of people around the world do not have a place to come home to. A lot of homeless people have lost their jobs and families. It is very hard to imagine living like a homeless, but the short story “Better Homes and Gardens” clearly describes how a homeless family’s daily life can look like.

The “Better Homes and Gardens” is written by the Australian author Catherine Moffat. She works as a librarian at the University of Newcastle. She has had short stories published in literary magazines like Australian Book Review and on Radio National as well.

The short story “Better Homes and Gardens” is about the daily life of a homeless family of three, the young boy/narrator, his little sister Grace, and their father. But one day the father is not waiting around the corner like he always does.

The little sister is called Grace. She is just living her life the best way she can as a little child. Grace is a naive and loving child, who loves her father and brother very much.

Grace is not old enough to understand that her living conditions are far from normal

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